Interactive Campground Maps

Interactive maps allow guests to see images of individual campsites and navigate the campground amenities with the click of a button. CampSite 360 has been leveraging interactive maps since launching in January 2020; to date, they have been only available within the virtual tour. We are excited to share that interactive maps can now be […]

Virtual Tour Camper Insight Report

Bar graph of campsite views by site category

Do you know what attracts campers to stay at your campground or RV park? Do the amenities attract more guests? What about site types? Concrete pad or dirt? Full hook up or partial hookups? 30 or 50 amp? All these questions are fundamental to running your business to the best of your ability and ensuring […]

CampSite 360 Adds Interactive Maps to Virtual Tour Offering

CampSite 360 Adds Interactive Maps to Virtual Tour Offering CampSite 360 is excited to introduce interactive campground maps embedded into customer websites.  CampSite 360 has been leveraging interactive campground maps since the company’s launch in October 2020. The interactive maps leverage a campground’s existing map and enable guests to select campsites and amenities for quick […]

Why you need to invest in marketing your RV park

            In the past few months, rising fuel costs and inflation are beginning to change the decisions campers are making. KOA recently reported that 71% of campers are making decisions about their camping based on rising fuel costs. With this change in camping style, it’s becoming more critical than ever […]

Campground Virtual Tour Advanced Analytics

Campground Virtual Tour Advanced Analytics Have you ever wondered what makes your guests decide to stay with your park? Is it the amenities? The campsites you offer? Or is it something else entirely? Customer Analytics snapshot With CampSite 360’s integration with Google Analytics, we can now tell what images your guests are looking at most. […]

New Feature – In tour linking and social sharing

New Feature – In tour linking and social sharing We are excited to show off one of our latest features being added to our campground virtual tours – Social Sharing and URL Linking. This feature will enable guests to copy the virtual tour URL and share that with others. This link will share the location […]

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The most important thing you can do for your campground is ensuring your team provides exceptional customer service to your guests. This customer service should start from your first contact with that guest and continue through their stay. Sadly, many campgrounds struggle with this due to the RV and outdoor recreation industry boom. Where are […]

How can a virtual tour benefit you?

What is a virtual tour?  Virtual tours are defined as a simulation of an existing location consisting of a series of images. In other words, virtual tours recreate the environment and allow people to interact with the location. There is a lot of discussion in the Outdoor Hospitality industry regarding new technology and how it […]

Is SEO enough for your campground?

Make any google search for how to get more customers and it’s guaranteed you will find something about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Ranking high for search engines is a huge way to get more eyes on your site or product. But what then? Just because someone goes to your webpage that doesn’t mean that […]