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Qualifying OHI Members

If you’re a campground owner in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, or Arizona, your state association membership automatically qualifies you for OHI membership.

For those in Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Louisiana, you can choose to become an OHI member through your state association and take advantage of this special offer.

Are you a campground owner in a non-partnering state?

No worries! You can still join OHI and take advantage of our exclusive 20% discount on CampSite 360 virtual tours. Simply contact OHI member services to learn about partnering with OHI and unlock this special offer to enhance your campground’s online presence and attract more visitors.

The Benefits of a Virtual Tour

By adding a virtual tour to your website, you’ll unlock numerous benefits for your campground

Boost Visibility

A virtual tour effectively highlights your campground's unique features, increasing your online presence and attracting more potential guests.

Engage Visitors

By providing an interactive and immersive experience, virtual tours capture website visitors' interest and encourage them to explore your campground further.

Showcase Sites & Amenities

Virtual tours allow you to present your campground's sites and amenities in an engaging manner, helping visitors visualize their stay.

Drive Bookings

With an appealing and informative virtual tour, potential guests are more likely to book their stay at your campground, driving up reservations and revenue.

Act Now and Elevate Your Campground's Online Presence

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity for OHI members to save 20% on a CampSite 360 virtual tour. Enhance your online presence, attract more campers, and give them an unforgettable preview of your campground.

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