Make any google search for how to get more customers and it’s guaranteed you will find something about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Ranking high for search engines is a huge way to get more eyes on your site or product. But what then? Just because someone goes to your webpage that doesn’t mean that you have a deal, the next step is to close the deal (as I hear the voice of Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross “Always Be Closing!”)

Continuing with Glengarry Glen Ross one of the most iconic scenes is when Blake breaks down the ABC of a sale (Always Be Closing) and AIDA: Attention, Interest, Decision, Action is the second acronym that matters in the situation of RV Parks. Most often RV parks and campgrounds focus their efforts on Attention – SEO, social media posts, ads on social media platforms, advertising in local or national publications. This is an important part of the process but IDA needs to have an equal focus. So how can you do that? 

In today’s world people rely on the internet to make their decisions, searching the internet for recommendations, reviews, and the right content to make sure they are making the best decision. The issue I have seen in the RV industry is all campground websites look the same! Search any of them and you will find these ingredients used in the recipe: 

  1. Pictures of campers at the campground
  2. Pictures of ponds lakes or other amenities
  3. A campground map
  4. Text about the uniqueness of the campground 
  5. A “make a reservation” button in some fashion

So if everyone is using the same recipe what makes you stand out from the rest? 

Once you have grabbed the attention of the customer through search or other advertisements, how are you closing the deal? What do you have that will keep their interest and help them make a decision, take action and book a stay with you? 

The 15 second rule

When a customer goes to your webpage, studies show that you have 15 seconds to grab their attention and invite them to stay longer. 15 seconds! If you go to your webpage right now does it grab your attention in 15 seconds? What invites your customer to explore more?

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour of your campground invites your customers to interact with your park. It shows them exactly what your campground looks like and what to expect when they arrive. This puts them in the position of picturing themself staying. Customers who have implemented a virtual tour see on average 2 minutes of customer interaction with their tour. This means that they are viewing the campground amenities (playgrounds, swimming areas and public spaces), looking at specific campsites, and building their confidence that you will provide them the right space to have the most enjoyable trip. 

The interaction with your campground does three things. 

  1. It personalizes your campground for your customer, helping them to see and decide which site will work best.
  2. It helps to answer some of the most common questions. Is the site level? Which site will best fit my rig? Whats the best site nearest the playground?
  3. A virtual tour will help complete the booking process.

Every sale has a process and many campgrounds are not participating beyond grabbing a guest’s attention. This is why so many campground review websites have come into existence in recent years. Customers need help making the decision on where to stay so they turn to other services to help in that process.

Are you ready to get more involved in closing the deal on more customers?

CampSite 360 can help in all aspects of the sale. Our virtual tours integrate with Google Street View which helps you to grab your customers’ attention. The added pictures on your Google business listing help improve your search rankings and provide visual affirmation that helps drive them to your website. Once they get to your website they will see a virtual tour that is customized to your brand and campground atmosphere. We spend time with each of our customers to understand what makes your park unique and how to showcase those features. Our goal is to answer many of the questions that campers have when booking a site from the virtual tour.

All of this helps you ensure your guests know what to expect when they arrive. Eliminating many of the frustrations that campers have when they get to a site and realize it’s not what they thought. 

If you would like to learn more about our 360 Campground Virtual Tours contact us today at [email protected] or 330.224.1841